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I'm really.. how do you say.. myself
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RIP my granny it’s been 6years. So it took me 6years to understand why this happened why you left me and this wonderful family. Didn’t meet my best friends, my biological family, the people I care about granny but I gave it to God at the Church of the Living God convention. Give it to God they said! I felt this overwhelming presences and it wasn’t the AC in the convention I know that lol call me crazy say what you need but for the ones who know this story of mine for the ones that need the guidance trust in The Lord for He is a on time God. Someone told me to have a great day and I did with my family and my little cousin Jerrell came up and hugged me like Millie why you crying because I’m praying baby and I love my family and my best friends thank you all for dealing with this millie lol. July 14, 2008 she went back home granny save me a place at the golden chick fil a lol and God I’m no long mad or upset but thankful for letting us keep her for the time being and taking her back home. God Bless everyone and Millie says night night. Oh and the picture you see is my Sunday best granny never let her kids go to church without the Sunday best lol
The bro bro bro!!! #brother #sister #hehasmyface #yourewelcome #haha #imtheyoungone #hashtag


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Made me laugh

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"Did you see those Huns? They popped out of the snow like daisies!"



#This is a hardcore copsplay because it would imply Mystique killed you and took your con pass


Remember who you are

In Thugz Mansion chillin Happy Birthday Tupac forever in our hearts!!